Sleep Coaching

What makes the Colorado Dream Company sleep training unique?

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We customize for your family
We customize a sleep plan after meeting your baby. Our sleep training programs are tailored to you and your family’s specific needs. No “one size fits all” sleep plans from us!

We offer in home convenience
We make it convenient by sleep training your baby in your own space. We support you in the comfort of your own home. We are used to working in client’s homes and don’t need any special hosting/entertaining on your part. You are free to go about your day as usual.

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We are focused on your family
We focus on one family at a time. You have our dedicated attention while your baby learns her new sleep skills. We are here for troubleshooting, pep talks, and emotional support through the entire process.

We understand the importance of sleep
We understand the struggle of sleep deprivation. We have been through this process countless times and understand the emotions that can arise. We get it. We’ve seen how great life can be after sleep training and are happy to remind you of what that will look like.

VIP Sleep
Training Package

  • 72 hours in home support
  • 4 weeks unlimited email and phone support
Our most thorough sleep training option. Recommended for first time parents, parents of twins, or anyone looking for a little more hands on support.

Premiere Sleep
Training Package

  • 48 hours in home support
  • 4 weeks unlimited email and phone support
Recommended for second time parents or parents who have sleep trained a baby before.

Ready for your complimentary sleep assessment?

If you are needing help NOW but you or your baby are not yet ready for sleep training, we do offer overnight packages for younger babies.

Frequently Asked Questions

We use the Mommywise Method, which includes lots of common sense, emotional, and logistical support. We know your baby is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all formula that’s going to make her into a great sleeper. Books can be helpful to an extent, but they’ve never met your baby, nor do they help you troubleshoot in the middle of the night.

If we work together, we are by your side, holding your hands before, during and after your baby is sleep trained. We know you that the real struggle is in the moment, when you’re not sure if you’re doing something wrong or making the wrong decision. We consider your baby’s age, developmental stage, and personality when making a plan to get her sleeping through the night as quickly as possible.

Ready for your complimentary sleep assessment?