Baby Registry Must-Haves

What Should I Put On My Baby Registry?

If you’ve found your way to this blog, I imagine you are overwhelmed by the thought of creating a baby registry. You had no idea there was this much STUFF involved! Where to start?! I’ve put this list together based on my experience working with lots of babies and lots of STUFF. These are my favorite products** and I hope this list gives you a nice starting point and lessens the overwhelm. Happy shopping!

** I do not receive any compensation or kick-backs if you purchase these items. I am just offering my favorite options out of the kindness of my heart ;o)


Which Baby Bottles Are the Best?

I like Dr Brown’s bottles the best. Why I like them:

  • They’re very popular and thus you can get them anywhere
  • They fit the Medela breast pump
  • I’ve never had a baby not take the nipple
  • The venting system is helpful for gassy/colicky babies

You can purchase a Dr Brown’s newborn set here


Which Bottle Brush is the Best?

I like Oxo bottle brushes the best. Why?

  • They fit in the Dr Brown’s bottles (narrower than some baby bottles)
  • They don’t spray soapy water all over your face when you pull them out of the bottle (depending on how many bottles you are washing a day, this can feel like a real sanity saver!)

Purchase an Oxo Bottle Brush here


What Should I Dress My Baby in For Sleep?

Obviously the baby wardrobe options are endless. I do have one word of advice on this topic though: ZIPPERS! Especially in the early days and especially when you are still changing diapers at night. Throw all the cute outfits with snaps in the garbage. Kidding. Sort of. But the last thing you want to be doing at 2am is matching up 100 snaps on your squirming baby. You have plenty of options for zippered jammies, but I do like the Burt’s Bees line. Why?

  • They’re soft
  • They have super cute unisex options

You can purchase the Burt’s Bees zippered pajamas here

Another great option for really easy diaper changes is pajamas that zip from top to bottom!

You can purchase inverted zipper pajamas here  and also here

Which Baby Swaddles Are the Best?

Do I need to swaddle my baby?

First of all, if you’re wondering “Should I swaddle my baby?”  the answer is 1000% yes! Please put some swaddles on your registry. You will thank me. Babies 0-12 weeks old love to be swaddled and might just ONLY sleep swaddled. My favorite swaddle is the Ollie swaddle. Why I like it:

  • They’re safest! The fabric comes straight across the shoulders so there isn’t worry about fabric bunching up around their neck/face like other brands. The last thing you want is a swaddle riding up to where it can cover baby’s mouth or nose.
  • The velcro patches are really big, which makes the swaddle very adjustable from newborn to 12 weeks. It’s also very strong velcro to stay in place.
  • The bottom of the swaddle is open and can be tied up to whatever length your baby is. No need to purchase a bigger size as baby grows.

You can check out a video demonstration and purchase the Ollie swaddle here

My second favorite baby swaddle is the Miracle Blanket Swaddle. Why I like it:

  • This one also wraps straight around the shoulder area preventing bunching around the face.
  • Extra fabric flaps secure arms at sides before wrapping the main swaddle around the baby’s body
  • No velcro!! Great for nighttime changes when you don’t want to disturb your baby even more with the loud velcro noise.
  • Grows with your baby too, just not as big of a size range as the Ollie

You can purchase the Miracle Swaddle Blanket here

What if my baby is older than 12 weeks?

Babies older than 12 weeks, or babies that are rolling should be transitioned out of a swaddle. The next step is a sleep sack. Sleep sacks are basically a wearable blanket. Loose blankets should not be in the crib with baby until they are over 1 year, so a sleep sack is a safe way to make sure your baby stays warm enough. There are many options for sleep sacks from cotton to fleece. You will have to decide how heavy of a sleep sack you need based on the temperature of your nursery and the pajamas you will be dressing your baby in.

You can purchase a Halo cotton Sleep Sack here


Which Baby Monitor is the Best?

So many baby monitors I’ve worked with have terrible battery life. I don’t know about you, but I’d like the monitor to be portable and last at least through a nap time without needing to be charged. The Infant Optics is my favorite baby monitor. Why?

  • The battery life is excellent
  • The picture is great
  • The monitor itself lasts a long time

You can purchase an Infant Optics baby monitor here


Which White Noise Machine Should I Get for My Baby’s Nursery?

White noise is another ticket to a good sleeper. I like the Marpac Hushh. We have one in every bedroom at my house and always take when traveling. Why do I like it?

  • It gets loud enough
  • The white noise doesn’t sound too “staticky” and doesn’t have a distinguishable pattern like some cheaper noise machines.
  • It’s portable! Great to take on vacation, on car rides, or just leave permanently in the nursery.

You can purchase a MarPac Hushh here


Which Baby Carrier is the Best?

This is another area where you have SO. MANY. OPTIONS. If you have somewhere local that you could try on several different carriers, I would suggest that. I find two types of carriers essential. A wrap of some sort (I like the Moby) and a backpack carrier for when baby is older (I like the Ergo.)

Reasons I like the Moby:

  • You can use as early as the first day of baby’s life
  • It is nice and snug so truly hands free (Yay! Your baby is content and you can make a sandwich or walk the dog or go pee!!)
  • You can use it for skin to skin while being hands free
  • It’s very comfy
  • They have lighter weight options if you’re having a summer baby (my one and only almost-complaint is the regular Moby can be really hot in the summer time.)

You can purchase a Moby here

Reasons I like the Ergo Carrier:

  • Comfort for parent
  • Comfort for baby
  • Did I mention comfort for person carrying baby?

As someone with chronic neck pain, I can not do the Baby Bjorn style carriers that hang from your neck/shoulders. The Ergo distributes baby’s weight ergonomically (hence the name) and is so much more comfortable. Again, the back carry is for older babies who can sit up on their own. They do have an option that can be worn in the front or on the back, but I still like the Moby for young babies who you want to carry in the front.

You can purchase an Ergo Baby Carrier here


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