Postpartum Support & Newborn Care

Exhausted with a younger baby?

Father holds his newborn baby - Colorado Dream Company Postpartum Support


We know that coming home with a newborn is.... overwhelming!
It is joyous...

and exhausting...

and beautiful...

and scary.

Our team of Doulas, Night Nannies, and Newborn Care Specialists are here to help you through this transition.

We are experts on the postpartum period and baby care. We provide night time help so that you can be well rested and able to parent during the day. Your baby deserves the best parent you can be, and we hear from clients all the time how we are helping them be just that.

Some tasks we help with to maximize your rest are feeding baby (some or all night feeds,) prepping bottles, washing bottles, washing pump parts, storing milk, burping, diapering, and settling baby back to sleep.



250 Hours

A great option for families wanting consistent help in the first 6 weeks postpartum to get rest and heal from birth/surgery. 10 hour nights, four times a week is one way to use this package.

500 Hours

Our most popular package! Ideal for parents with a goal of their baby sleeping through the night by 12 weeks. With 10 hour nights, four times a week, for the first 12 weeks we can work on “sleep conditioning” and create a great sleeper from the start..

A La Carte

Perfect for families who aren’t sure how much help they will need, but would like to “give it a try,” or for those with lots of family support who would like 1-3 nights a week to catch up on sleep.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No!!! The earlier the better to ensure availability.

Contact us for current rates and availability.